Meditation Simplified

Wondering how to calm your busy mind?

Do you think meditation is not for you or you don’t have time to meditate? We sat down with Carl Klemme, from Glow Yoga in Basking Ridge, to talk about some of the misconceptions and benefits of a regular meditation practice. Carl has been practicing and teaching meditation and yoga for decades and is an authority in this area on the topic.

With summer in full swing, kids out of school, and just the all-around buzz of the season, we can use this momentum to redirect our efforts a bit and carve out some time to build a foundation for a healthy, simple meditation practice.

What about the science of meditation?

Dr. Frigerio regularly treats sympathetic (stress based) nervous system imbalances with herbs, acupuncture, and by encouraging patients to engage parasympathetic activities like meditation, yoga, and qigong. According to Psychology Today, meditation’s benefits include increased grey matter (a major component of the central nervous system), increased immune function, and decreased anxiety and inflammation. Meditation can also increase your productivity and support a better social life by helping you regulate emotions, and becoming more compassionate.

Check out our video below and be sure to check out Carl’s weekly meditation classes offered on Wednesday mornings and Friday nights at Glow Yoga! Thank you so much, Carl, for sharing your wisdom with us!