Exciting Announcement From Dr. Jason!

Dear NJNM Community,

In recent years I’ve been struck by the number of patients reporting cold and numb extremities due to Raynaud’s Disease. As many of you know it inspired me to develop a supplement for patients with this condition and cold extremities. It’s called Extremity Warmth and I am “fired up” about it!

Together with my wife Erin and our good friend Chris Fiala, who is involved in the natural supplements industry, we have formulated a product composed of the highest quality botanicals available. Good News- the responses are in and it’s working!

Extremity Warmth is now available online and in my office. See below links to learn more, ways to order and opportunities to give a positive review (this is so helpful!).

We are excited to get the word out about this life-changing new supplement- Join us!


Dr. Jason Frigerio, ND LAc.


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