About a year ago, when I first visited Dr. Frigerio, I suffered chronic pain that was the result of rheumatoid arthritis. To help control the pain and inflammation I was ingesting significant quantities of prescription medications. Although these meds were essential for me to function they were caustic to my body and over time they would tax my liver. After a year of Dr. Frigerio's help, I am pain free and have reduced my medicine intake by 75% with the intention of reducing it further. The results have been so dramatic my rheumatologist has congratulated me. I have found Dr. Frigerio's methods to be more effective than "traditional" medicine, but the changes are subtler. Be patient and your patience will be rewarded.

- John

I was in a panic when I first met Jason Frigerio. I had tried what seemed like every antidepressant that Western medicine had to offer; I was tired, desperate and ready to give up. I was anxious and fretful; I felt as if I were to blame for everyone’s problems. A colleague recommended acupuncture & naturopathy to me; I was skeptical but not anymore. I feel listened to and cared for. Dr. Frigerio is wise and intuitive, always taking time to listen to every aspect of my life: personal, professional, and physical. He skillfully ponders each piece of my history and creates a treatment plan. I am eternally grateful to have gained a new sense of peace and internal strength under Dr. Frigerio’s care.

- Suzanne

Dr. Frigerio is unlike any doctor I have ever been to. He wholeheartedly listens to and is interested in everything I have to say. His knowledge of naturopathic and Chinese medicine is extensive, yet he shares information in a clear and caring manner. Dr. Frigerio has been able to ease my symptoms of fibromyalgia with acupuncture and therapeutic bodywork. His treatments are very relaxing and are complemented by a feeling of complete trust.

- Karen

I began seeing Dr. Frigerio because I had several medical symptoms that my traditional doctors have been unable to explain and cure. When I met with Dr. Frigerio I was impressed with the focused attention he gave to my case and his ability to apply his vast knowledge of natural medicine with an enthusiastic determination to get at the root causes of my symptoms. I have been seeing Dr. Frigerio on and off for several years. My health has greatly improved since our first visit, in large part due to his insight and treatment and also due to his excellent medical referrals. Every time I visit with Dr. Frigerio, whether it is for myself or one of my children, I am reassured I have made a good decision because he spends the time to thoroughly understand the medical issue, gives broad insight into the condition, and provides several healthy recommendations. Most importantly, Dr. Frigerio's approach is to naturally heal and strengthen the body so that when it encounters viruses or stress, the body is strong and prepared.

- Debbie

Since being diagnosed with lupus about ten years ago, I have tried many different types of treatment and therapy. It was not until suffering with duodenal ulcers, from the medications I was taking, that I was introduced to Dr. Frigerio by my chiropractor. Not only has Dr. Frigerio given me the simple tools to cure the ulcers, but, through acupuncture, has alleviated my pain so that it is not necessary to take the medications that were really causing long term harm.

It is not only refreshing, but, I believe, necessary, to find a practitioner who takes a holistic approach and treats mind, body and spirit, as well as Dr. Frigerio does.

- Gwen

My approach to the serious illness I have faced is to complement the western treatment with the naturopathic approach of Dr. Jason. My goal was to improve my immune system and without a doubt he is responsible for my doing so. I am so thankful for his diagnosis of an autoimmune disease that I had no indications of. It has been fascinating to see the effects of my naturopathic treatment reflected in the blood tests conducted with my other physicians. I recommend that anyone with chronic health issues see Dr. Frigerio—the sooner the better!

- Tracey