Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect at my initial visit?
A: During your initial visit Dr. Frigerio will spend two hours carefully reviewing your health history, determining a treatment protocol, and if appropriate, administering a treatment. After the initial visit, appointments last for approximately one hour and consist of follow-up consultations, acupuncture treatments, and home visits.

Q: How are naturopathic doctors (NDs) trained?
A: Naturopathic physicians are primary-care general practitioners of natural medicine. As in conventional medical school, applicants must show competency in specific, premedical requirements before being accepted to a U.S. Department of Education-accredited naturopathic medical school. After acceptance, ND candidates complete a rigorous, four-year academic and clinical program. This program combines the study of western medical sciences (such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, immunology, clinical and physical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, etc.) with naturopathic therapeutics and philosophy. Training also includes an applied, clinical apprenticeship during the last two years. Naturopathic physicians must then pass standardized, federal, and state licensing exams to obtain a license.

Q: Will my insurance cover treatments?
Many health insurance plans cover acupuncture treatment. The percentage of coverage may be different, depending on the policy of your company and the program you selected. We suggest you call your employee benefit office or insurance company directly for details.

Q: Can you be my primary care physician?
A: New Jersey currently does not license Doctors of Naturopathy. So, Dr. Frigerio does not practice medicine as primary care provider. He focuses on education, uncovering causes of illness, nutrition counseling for optimal health and when the situation warrants, works with conventional physicians. If you are on medications that were prescribed by another physician, he can discuss options regarding the management of your current medications. “Building bridges with conventional medicine has very tangible benefits.” says Bill Mitchell, N.D., a co-founder of Bastyr

Q: Do you work with other doctors?
A: Yes. There are a number of doctors and other practitioners (MD, DC, LAc) that we work with on a regular basis.