Six Principles of Healing

Primum non nocere (The first thing is to do no harm)
Healing includes the production of symptoms or expressions of the body’s attempt to self-heal. Methods designed to suppress such symptoms, without addressing the root cause of disease, are viewed as harmful and are minimized or avoided. Naturopathic doctors use non-toxic methods and natural medicinal substances, which are safe and effective, with an emphasis on minimal side effects, to aid the body in its intrinsic endeavor to move toward optimal health and vitality.

Vis medicatrix naturae (The healing power of nature)
The objective of naturopathic medicine is to facilitate and enhance the body’s innate ability to heal, to identify and remove obstacles to that healing, and to support the formation of a healthy internal and external environment. NDs use nontoxic, nature-based treatments, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet and lifestyle, along with other alternative medicine therapies, to achieve this purpose.

Tolle causam (Identify and treat the cause)
Instead of suppressing symptoms and leaving the underlying disease intact, naturopathic doctors determine the root cause of illness and treat patients accordingly. Symptoms are expressions of the body’s attempt to restore health, not the cause of disease. One wouldn't solely take painkillers for a broken bone—the bone, the root cause of the pain, must be set in order for true healing to occur.

Tolle totum (Treat the whole person)
NDs take into account not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each patient. Additionally, environmental exposures, genetic predispositions, nutritional status, lifestyle, and social factors are also considered. Naturopathic doctors recognize that harmonious functioning of each entity of the individual is an essential component to recovery from, and prevention of, disease. Each individual experiences disease in a unique way and NDs respect that individual process by using personalized, comprehensive approaches to wellness.

Docere (To teach)
A partnership between doctor and patient has great therapeutic value in the journey towards optimal health and vitality. Educating patients empowers them in their healing process and establishes self-responsibility for health and wellness. It is the patient who ultimately creates healing, as their naturopathic doctor provides an environment of hope, encouragement, and guidance.

Praevenire (To anticipate)
NDs emphasize building health rather than fighting disease. Prevention is the best remedy for disease and is facilitated through assessment of risk factors and susceptibilities as well as promotion of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.